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Early Morning Wanderings

Intertwined figures?

The first signs of graffiti I had encountered on the first day of real data collection for my graffiti research paper. This strange intertwined figures tag is seen in many other places.

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We are spiritual beings.

"We are spiritual beings havin a human experience"; a faded Mr. 8 tag

I had to play around with the exposure on this one to bring out the faded Mr. 8 tag. It’s surprising how many times I’ve encountered this tag around Vancouver, from Kitsilano, Chinatown, Downtown Eastside, along Broadway, Fairview, Joyce Stn…this guy is everywhere!

Close up: "Love"; "IYF"; "KWEN" crossed-out

Normally it’s considered a sign of great disrespect when a writer crosses out another writer’s tag. Is the war on? The sticker seems to think so.

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