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Please tag here

Not everyday that you see an invitation to tag on the city’s walls, albeit an illegal invitation…

Please tag here: ??? Skunk, BCGC

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Getting the pulse of a foreign city

A 13 hr flight away, on another continent, speaking another language, colonized by another people. Macau, a small city a ferry ride away from Hong Kong, populated with hotels and casinos to rival those of Las Vegas. An imitation of an imitation but a good one nonetheless. A city of a vibrant but sometimes highly cynical people, dependent on tourists from mainland China, and yet distrustful and uncomfortable with this relationship. There are so many things I can comment on about this city, a place where I have many memories of since I was a small child. Many of the things I’ve observed here during my recent trip almost made me lose faith in humanity, and yet, there may still be hope.

The symbol at the top of the angel’s head is a tag found in many areas of Macau, as far-flung as the regions of Cotai and Taipa.

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We are spiritual beings.

"We are spiritual beings havin a human experience"; a faded Mr. 8 tag

I had to play around with the exposure on this one to bring out the faded Mr. 8 tag. It’s surprising how many times I’ve encountered this tag around Vancouver, from Kitsilano, Chinatown, Downtown Eastside, along Broadway, Fairview, Joyce Stn…this guy is everywhere!

Close up: "Love"; "IYF"; "KWEN" crossed-out

Normally it’s considered a sign of great disrespect when a writer crosses out another writer’s tag. Is the war on? The sticker seems to think so.

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