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Local flavour, chronic tagging

Straight from my bus trip which traversed Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington State, here is some of the local flavour sampled from the North Beach-Chinatown area of San Francisco.

*Aside: I was confused about why all the North Beach signs have the geographic silhouette of Italy on them until I realized we were in the Little Italy district of SF.

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UBC graffiti Pt.III

Some more delightful graffiti at University of British Columbia. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here.

Flying toaster? Photograph by Silvain at

More below the cut.

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A hole in reasoning

Tekker tag

Sometimes when you extend your tag through more than one surface…it goes missing. There seems to be one newsstand missing in the fray, but one would need 2 for “Tekker”, so were there 2 more, or did Tekker just not care about the lost of one letter? I bet the missing one was a 24 stand!

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Did you smile today?

Did you smile today?


A little bit of humour to brighten up your day.

Did you smile today? Advocating for mental health? A genuine concern for your neighbours? An ironic proposition? If you’re having trouble with the juice box one, trying thinking in a different perspective…