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Academic graffiti?

Phelix was here.

Pretty awesome picture of the Clock tower with the central library (Irving K. Barber Learning Centre) in the background. Just a piece of paper taped onto a door. 10 points for Gryffindor if you know where it’s from! Just one of two sightings I’ve had of Phelix on campus (don’t ask me where the other one is, I’ve been trying to find it again to no avail).

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Local flavour, chronic tagging

Straight from my bus trip which traversed Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington State, here is some of the local flavour sampled from the North Beach-Chinatown area of San Francisco.

*Aside: I was confused about why all the North Beach signs have the geographic silhouette of Italy on them until I realized we were in the Little Italy district of SF.

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At the Next Stop…

Walking around Dunlevy Ave. close to Waterfront on a chilly October morning…

Spontaneous tags on private property are not uncommon in the Downtown Eastside.

Entering yet another alley…

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I thought I had hit the motherlode

Various tags and stencils

Continuing from the last post, I thought I had hit the mother lode with this find that morning when I entered an alley in the Gastown district of Vancouver. There were so many colourful tags there and this door in particular stood out due to its complex layering of tags. The “Baby Puncher” stencil particularly stands out and is actually a pop culture reference to some song or band I have not heard of before. Even more legible is the blue “GONE” tag in the lower right corner and a pretty stylized one in the top right.  Continue reading

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