Hello, my name is…

**Legal disclaimer: If you are a law enforcement official, work for the government in a judicial capacity or if your purpose for being on this wordpress blog is to troll and use the contents of the site against its owner, then I ask you to please leave this site immediately. This is a graffiti and street art appreciation blog; I am not personally affiliated with or know any of the writers or their collectives. More about how I got into graffiti photography below.**

Black book: a graffiti artist’s sketch book which documents both their work and others they are inspired by.

Hola, I am Siv, the owner of this blog about unsanctioned art on the streets of Metro Vancouver. Here you’ll find some quick facts about me and why I decided to start this little project. So cut the introduction and on with the self-advertising…

I got sucked into the world of graffiti and street art while doing a research paper for my Canadian Society course at the University of British Columbia (SOCI 310 with Dr. Rima Wilkes if you’re interested). Although I haven’t gone native, by conducting background research into the literature as well as exploring the streets for raw material firsthand have made me empathize with those who live and work in this clandestine world. The pictures you will see on this site were all taken by me either during or after the project. Who knew that taking pictures of and looking for graffiti could be so addicting?

Due to the transient nature of art on the streets, much of what you see here may no longer exist should you ever want to see it in person. Treat this as a sort of photography black book if you will.

Have a question? You can contact me by leaving a comment on this blog or by tweeting @sivfreiheit.


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