Creepy Bunny and Skateboarding Gnome

Is that a jackal or a bunny? Somewhat reminiscent of Frank the bunny from Donnie Darko with its blank eyes.

This other one is just around the corner…so low to the ground that you would be sure to miss it if not for the redness of its hood.

I love it. The beard is rather complicated for a stencil, and don’t miss all the other shadow effects! This one’s a real gem in a corner of a parking lot that you don’t normally notice while driving by. I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t been walking by the one day a car did not happen to be parked there.

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2 thoughts on “Creepy Bunny and Skateboarding Gnome

  1. Hi Siv, is the skateboarding gnome is your design? Wow… I was browsing the internet to find a garden gnome shadow pattern and / or stencil.
    If yes, may I ask you to borrow your stencil for a 1 shot copy in my basement? If not, do you have the email of the artist?
    PS. My boyfriend is a photographer, so I really respect copyright.

    For the long story short… my boyfriend and I are from Montreal. Last year we purchased a cabin in Gaspesie (9h for Montreal) for snowboarding. We built a mini ramp in our basement but the celling is very low!!!
    We would love to print that design on the wall saying “You must be that short to ride”!!!
    Anyway, here is a link about us if you what to know more:

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    • Siv says:

      Hi Daphnee,
      The skateboarding gnome isn’t my design, unfortunately. It’s a graffiti stencil I came across while walking in the city one day and I have no idea who made it. That’s a really great concept you mentioned and I hope you guys still go through with it! If it helps, you can try clicking on the photo to see it in enlarged form so it would be easier to replicate if you so choose. The beard part looks quite detailed but you can always simplify it by making just one cut-out for the beard.
      Anyway, good luck and I hope you guys go through with it!

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