It is ironic how one of the things I remember the most about the men’s U-20 FIFA World Cup held in Canada (2007) is this one political cartoon that depicted the beaver (a Canadian symbol) smoking a joint with one paw on a soccer ball and a speech bubble saying “Who cares about soccer when we’re #1?”. That tournament had a sad ending, folks. Canada was knocked out of the group stages without winning a single game (I can’t even remember if we managed to score a single goal, maybe we didn’t). Either way, it was about this time that a study was done saying Canada is #1 in the consumption of, guess what, marijuana (seriously, you’ll have to read the news to believe it…or not, if you’ve ever been to Vancouver at all; fact check: leads the world in terms of industrialized countries, that explains a lot! Archive of article here).

So found in an innocent secondary school parking lot (or not so innocent, who knows what kids are up to nowadays?), here is our friend, Mary Jane.


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