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Not the same.

I thought it was the same piece that I had already featured in “A chance encounter“; the colours were similar, but inverted. I managed to catch another glimpse of this truck on another day, and the other side featured a piece in the same style and colour scheme in the words “LEOS”, or was it “LAOS”? This opens a fascinating vista of possibilities…

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Local flavour, chronic tagging

Straight from my bus trip which traversed Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington State, here is some of the local flavour sampled from the North Beach-Chinatown area of San Francisco.

*Aside: I was confused about why all the North Beach signs have the geographic silhouette of Italy on them until I realized we were in the Little Italy district of SF.

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Social Movements

More graffiti I’ve uncovered from my stack of photos of Córdoba, Argentina! I hope you guys enjoy this series, there will be about 2-3 more posts after this before I run out of material to talk about.

Veganism and animal rights seem to be a popular social current in the city. There are many instances of graffiti/street art such as these found throughout the city:

NO a la perrera [NO to the pound]. elegí veganismo! [choose veganism!]. Así se expresa el pueblo. [Such is the desire expressed by the people].

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A chance encounter

I thought it would be a lost cause, but I just managed to get a shot of this lovely PASOE piece as the truck turned at the intersection…


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