Day off at the park: Parque Sarmiento de Córdoba

Parque Sarmiento pt. II:

I remember sitting in a very accommodating tree while appreciating the beautiful graffiti adorning the mini-skate park. It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon on the 3rd and final day of the bus strike, and the day I missed work because I couldn’t find a taxi. It was a good trade; I like the park like this: tranquil, serene, peaceful. An escape from the city, almost.

A pattern of the same tag extending the entire length of a stone railing. This is but a segment.

The railing on the other side…

Libertad a los Cinco; Freedom to the Five

And because this is Córdoba, the majority of graffiti have a socio-political meaning. “Los Cinco” are five Cubans who were arrested by the FBI in September 1998 and kept in prison for 17 months before their case was brought to a tribunal. Their mission in the States were to monitor the activity of groups and organizations responsible for terrorist activity against Cuba. All of the above information can be found here, a website by an Argentine group advocating for the release of “los 5”.

And now for something a bit more light-hearted…

A kind of lighthouse structure covered in graffiti. My favourite are the hot air balloon stencils. For some reason, looking at them reminds me of the stories about people escaping over the Berlin Wall in hot air balloons. 

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