A little graffiti love from Argentina

From Parque Sarmiento, Córdoba, Argentina.

I love the little green pirate heart guy! Such vibrant colours…

A close-up. Greek inspired?

Graffiti is everywhere in this city, you would be blind to miss it! Some of my impressions thus far (it’s been 13 days): the majority of thematic graffiti I have encountered are very, very politically/socially oriented. Graffiti about human rights, anti-homosexualism, legalizing abortion, are so common locals probably don’t even notice them anymore. Also: you’ll be hard-put to find a single bridge that isn’t graffiti-ed all over. Although not as hardcore as the Brazilian Pixação, Argentina does have their own high-rises whose facade is partially graffitied over. I saw a couple the other day with pretty nice throw-ups/pieces on them but was unable to take a picture as I was in a car…if the chance arises again, I will definitely do so!

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2 thoughts on “A little graffiti love from Argentina

  1. […] be a roller-skate ring of some sort. The facility is covered in beautiful graffiti that can be seen here on my graffiti […]

  2. I like the characters too…

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