Roaming pt.I

Commercial truck surfaces have some of the best graffiti around. If your truck has a mostly white background, you know you’ll be a sure target wherever you happen to park at night!

Through the car window. Image quality isn't that great but I like how half the image is significantly more blurred than the other because the car happened to move at that time.

Truck driver looked back suspiciously after he had left his parked car. Hmm.

Look at the tires! Every imaginable surface (almost) is covered. Opportunistic!

Going around to the side…

Some taggers I recognize: IAH, RASK. Someone's blue, turquoise and white piece/throw-up has been covered! That "Lovers" tag I haven't seen before.

Full view of the side:

A little bit more on the tire there. IAH did bomb the hell out of this car too. Don't you love that thoughtful little turquoise "see ya"?

Now to the back…

Some throw-ups, yet another IAH tag.

Now for the big reveal…

Featuring perhaps the best piece on the entire truck: ReLF. A lot more RASK, a smiling tree, more legend of Zelda references, a small Hello and a string of phantoms that put this one to shame.

Just one last close-up:

Does anybody know if the string of phantasmic figures is actually made up of letters? I can’t make out what it says. It is slightly ironic how one of the surfaces not covered is the part with the Chinese characters denoting the company’s name. Does nobody have a ladder tall enough, or is this just a common act of courtesy?

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