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A bit of the political current of Argentina

One of my favourites, kind of like a Beatles song: happiness=peace and love

Stencils are probably my favourite form of graffiti just because they’re usually thoughtful and have underlying or evident social/political connotations. Where the graffiti is painted can also play an extremely important role in how they should be understood… Continue reading

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A little graffiti love from Argentina

From Parque Sarmiento, Córdoba, Argentina.

I love the little green pirate heart guy! Such vibrant colours…

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Roaming pt.I

Commercial truck surfaces have some of the best graffiti around. If your truck has a mostly white background, you know you’ll be a sure target wherever you happen to park at night!

Through the car window. Image quality isn't that great but I like how half the image is significantly more blurred than the other because the car happened to move at that time.

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