UBC graffiti Pt.III

Some more delightful graffiti at University of British Columbia. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here.

Flying toaster? Photograph by Silvain at http://silvainlastname.wordpress.com

More below the cut.


The one above actually looks like it could be done by the same person as the one who did the flying toaster. Same thick black line and colour splash motif.

Paw with hearts?

I really can’t tell what this is supposed to be but the style looks very similar to the one of the hockey player that can be found here.

More Chomsky and a flower.

Who did that to poor Chomsky’s head? This is the fourth Chomsky stencil I have seen on campus. The flower was probably done by the same person who did the turtle/bugs from the last UBC-related post.

Hello cat.

This is really cute!

That’s it for now! More pictures are forthcoming…

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2 thoughts on “UBC graffiti Pt.III

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