I thought I had hit the motherlode

Various tags and stencils

Continuing from the last post, I thought I had hit the mother lode with this find that morning when I entered an alley in the Gastown district of Vancouver. There were so many colourful tags there and this door in particular stood out due to its complex layering of tags. The “Baby Puncher” stencil particularly stands out and is actually a pop culture reference to some song or band I have not heard of before. Even more legible is the blue “GONE” tag in the lower right corner and a pretty stylized one in the top right. 

A wider view of the alley

Even more tags! The heavily stylized and cool one I mentioned earlier seems to be “Dewn”, but I can never be sure…Anyone think they know?

Looking up.

I have a lot more pictures of this alley that I had taken on the same day as this trip but I’ll save it for a later post as it has nothing to do with the colourful door. So auf wiedersehen for now!

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One thought on “I thought I had hit the motherlode

  1. nothing better than a smashed door like that

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