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The Light at the End of the Alley

Going in, or coming out? More tags and a view of the litter on the ground.

This is the last post I have planned for this particular alley in the popular tourist district of Gastown. Is it surprising that graffiti would run rampant in such a place, only about 5 minutes walk from the downtown core where stores like Tiffany & Co. and five star hotels become regular sights? And 5 minutes in the other direction would bring you much closer to the notorious Downtown Eastside…

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down the alley

Black and white throw up; MINK tag, JOES tag, gc om tag

Continued from the last post, more from the same alley.

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I thought I had hit the motherlode

Various tags and stencils

Continuing from the last post, I thought I had hit the mother lode with this find that morning when I entered an alley in the Gastown district of Vancouver. There were so many colourful tags there and this door in particular stood out due to its complex layering of tags. The “Baby Puncher” stencil particularly stands out and is actually a pop culture reference to some song or band I have not heard of before. Even more legible is the blue “GONE” tag in the lower right corner and a pretty stylized one in the top right.  Continue reading

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Early Morning Wanderings

Intertwined figures?

The first signs of graffiti I had encountered on the first day of real data collection for my graffiti research paper. This strange intertwined figures tag is seen in many other places.

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Gang wars?

Surrey What!

This is the second “Surrey What!” tag I’ve seen on the floor near Scott Road station. A bit of a dodgy place; it was around 1-2pm when I was there alone searching for graffiti and managed to encounter a drunk guy who followed me for a while shouting obscenities. It’s probably safe enough if you’re a local but it’s a bit of a forsaken place with only a Home Depot in sight and right next to the highway.

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