Political Figures, UBC Pt.II

A collection of stencils of famous political figures found on the Point Grey Campus of UBC, Vancouver.

Edward Said


Tommy Douglas

Another one of Chomsky beside a map paste-on and stencil of the logo of an alternative culture magazine on campus.

Angela Davis

Are all the stencils by the same artist or a crew of artists? If so, why do some of them have their full name, some only their last, and some with the first initial and full last name? This doesn’t show consistency…

For UBC students: can you identify where all these are from?

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5 thoughts on “Political Figures, UBC Pt.II

  1. There’s some lovely Tony Blair stuff in London… And V for Vendetta stuff ALL OVER Athens. If ‘V’ is politician….
    I know it is uncool to link to your own blog, but seriously, some of this Athens stuff is amazing!

  2. […] One of the first things you see upon entering the alley would be this series of failed and successful attempts at stenciling Nkrumah onto the wall. The tags at the point were irrelevant; this was the first actual political figure stencil I’ve seen in Vancouver and on that particular trip. Is it common practice to have the picture on top and the name on the bottom? The format of this stencil looks identical to the ones on the UBC Campus posted earlier… […]

  3. gggracia says:

    i love this section!

    • Siv says:

      Thanks! Apparently there’s a lot more graffiti on campus that I haven’t discovered yet. As soon as I have time I would go out and see if I can find more.

  4. […] more delightful graffiti at University of British Columbia. Parts 1 and 2 can be found hereĀ and here. Flying toaster? Photograph by Silvain at […]

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