Lesson in usage of space

Sneeq? Sneez? Snee8? tag.

I love how the writer uses the entire side of the dumpster for his tag. The letters fit really well together and do not seem forced at all. In addition, the silver really stands out from the navy background. All in all, very well done for a tag. If anyone thinks they know what the last letter is, drop me a comment!

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4 thoughts on “Lesson in usage of space

  1. surf says:

    zzzzzzz doesn’t it look like the word is sneezing out at you?

  2. shagnow says:

    deffnatly a Z man

  3. versups says:

    Z, such a nice handstyle.

  4. […] slight echo of the first post I’ve made on this blog. Some of the best tags and street art I’ve seen on Vancouver have been on dumpsters, where they’re guaranteed […]

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