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Unexpected eloquence

“No matter where you go, what city, there will always be some ego-driven, narrow minded, ozone fried fucktards bashin’ yer creativity and those ppl will choke on my spit deep in Satan’s rectum.”

This is a very long and vocal rant I found on a public bench along Commercial Drive. How long did it take to write it, and how did the person remain undetected? As well, what exactly is it referring to? Does it have anything to do with the city’s bylaws governing the removal of graffiti and the punishment of those who perpetuate it or about some individual failure?

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A hole in reasoning

Tekker tag

Sometimes when you extend your tag through more than one surface…it goes missing. There seems to be one newsstand missing in the fray, but one would need 2 for “Tekker”, so were there 2 more, or did Tekker just not care about the lost of one letter? I bet the missing one was a 24 stand!

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Lesson in usage of space

Sneeq? Sneez? Snee8? tag.

I love how the writer uses the entire side of the dumpster for his tag. The letters fit really well together and do not seem forced at all. In addition, the silver really stands out from the navy background. All in all, very well done for a tag. If anyone thinks they know what the last letter is, drop me a comment!

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Happy Sunday.

Stencil of a cross.

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